Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garden Dwellers - The Creepy East European Immigrants That Many U.K. Residents Simply Cannot Get Rid Of

The latest weird news from all over the globe....

*An increasing number of homeowners in the U.K. are finding out that they are virtually powerless to remove the illegal immigrants that have decided to take up residence in their gardens.

*According to one new study, individuals who are highly committed to the "green" movement are less likely to be kind to others, and are more likely to cheat and steal.

*A genetically engineered mosquito that vaccinates as it bites has been developed by a team of scientists in Japan.

*Why was the New York Times displaying a picture of Barack Obama with a cross superimposed on top of it?

*A space-age "force field" capable of protecting armored vehicles and tanks by repelling incoming fire is reportedly being developed by British military scientists.

*German scientists have apparently created a three-dimensional "invisibility cloak" that can hide objects by bending light waves.

*A ten year effort by a University of Rhode Island scientist to develop genetically modified rainbow trout with enhanced muscle growth has yielded fish with what have been described as six-pack abs and "muscular" shoulders.

*Lady Gaga recently confessed that it is "no secret" that she has had problems with drugs in the past.

*If you are curious about how to honestly make money on the Internet, you might want to check this out.

*A Time Warner Cable spokesman recently said that a "technical glitch" was to blame for previews of the Playboy Channel being broadcast over two television channels for children for approximately two hours in parts of North Carolina.

*What in the world is going on in France? Recently, game show contestants there smiled and laughed as they "tortured" and "nearly killed" a man in a bizarre experiment for French television.

*A new investigation claims that the CIA caused an entire French village to go mad nearly sixty years ago by spiking their baguettes with the mind-bending drug LSD.

*A growing number of celebrities believe that 2012 is going to be the end of the world as we know it.

*A "monster mushroom" that covers 2,200 acres of the Malheur National Forest in eastern Oregon is being described as the single biggest living thing in existence.

*Some lucky people living in southern Russia got to experience something very unusual the other day - purple snow.

*Many Americans are now turning to the Bible for advice on how to get out of debt.

*The Chinese government is considering a law which would ban the eating of cat and dog meat.  Isn't it scary that there is such a problem that they actually need to pass a law about it?

*Lastly, authorities in New Jersey have arrested a serial urinator they say has been urinating on women at a bus stop in Jersey City.


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