Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weird News Update: Best Buy Bans Merry Christmas But Has No Problem Wishing Customers A Happy Eid al-Adha

The latest weird news from around the world.....

*Best Buy - the retail giant that will not allow the words "Merry Christmas" in its advertising - has no problem wishing people a "Happy Eid al-Adha" - an important Muslim holiday.

*One man who spent 23 years in a coma could hear everything that was going on around him but had no way to communicate or let anyone know.

*Scientists say that new LED tatoos could potentially turn your skin into a computer screen.

*A woman on sick leave for depression says that she will fight an insurance company's decision to cut her benefits after her insurance agent found photos on Facebook of her vacationing, at a bar and at a party.

*Former "American Idol" contestant Adam Lambert absolutely shocked the American Music Awards audience by shoving the faces of his dance team members into his crotch, leading others around on dog leashes and delivering a passionate on-stage kiss to his male keyboard player.

*The online role playing game World of Warcraft has created a thriving online market for virtual items that is so robust that it has even spawned sweat shops in China.

*A very disturbed police officer in Arkansas used a Taser stun gun to subdue a 10 year old girl in her own home because she refused to take a shower.

*An increasingly large number of unburied bodies lie one above the other on steel racks inside a giant freezer in Detroit’s central mortuary.

*Scientists attending one recent conference are so excited about life extension technologies that they are saying that if you are under age 30, it is likely that you will be able to live as long as you want.

*Finally, it has been reported that one father in Minnesota spoke only Klingon (a fictional language from Star Trek) to his son for the first three years of his child's life.


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