Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Cast Of Sesame Is Displayed In The Google Logo Today - Is It A Sign Of Disrespect That Grover Is Being Displayed Upside Down In The Google Logo?

Today virtually the whole cast of Sesame Street is being featured on Google's homepage. The Google logo displays most of the characters sitting or standing upright and smiling. However, Grover is displayed upside down in the Google logo. Is this a subtle sign of disrespect for Grover? There have been whispers of a conspiracy against Grover for years. We all know that Elmo was a ripoff of Grover, and that as the "cult of Elmo" took off, Elmo's supporters increasingly looked at Grover with disdain. In fact, just take another look at the Google logo. Elmo is displayed at the top center of the logo. Obviously the intent was to feature him. Grover is displayed at the bottom of the Google logo and he is the only character who is upside down. Can the message be any clearer? The shorter, cuter, redder version of Grover has won and now the old Grover is being marked for termination. It is truly a sad day for Grover fans.


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