Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High Point University - Free Ice Cream, Hot Tub In The Middle Of Campus, Wake Up Calls And Concierge Service

Have you ever heard of High Point University?

After word gets out, lots of young minds are going to want to go there.

Located just south of Greensboro, North Carolina, High Point University offers free ice cream for their students, a hot tub in the middle of campus, free wake up calls and a concierge service.

Not to mention that their campus is absolutely gorgeous.

All of this is orchestrated by a campus "director of WOW" whose job it is to thrill the "clients" (the students).

This educational strategy was dreamed up by President Nido Qubein, a motivational speaker and "customer comes first" businessman.

So what are the results? Enrollment is way up (even at higher tuition), new construction is transforming the campus, and the university has $100 million in the bank.


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