Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 Of The Weirdest And Freakiest Internet Videos Ever Produced

Over the years there have been a ton of really crazy internet videos.

Well, we have collected some of the weirdest, freakiest and most bizarre internet videos ever produced for you.....

Mr. Unstable, the most famous Burger King employee of 2008, takes a bubble bath in a restaurant sink while the other employees look on:

Shocking Video Of A Girl Born With Eight Limbs - Four Arms And Four Legs:

Boys Of One Tribe Who Suffer Thousands Of Cuts To Become A Man:

Bert & Ernie Go Gangsta:

The Most Dramatic Lemur In The World:

Weirdest Spa Treatment Ever - People Paying To Have Fish Eat The Dead Skin Off Of Their Feet:

The Great Office War:

A Huge Religious Statue Falls Loses It's Head In The Middle Of A Service:

A Cat Eating A Sour Apple Lollypop:

An Absolutely Horrific Traffic Accident In Italy:

The Couch Potato Cat:

The Incredible Story Of Christian the Lion:

Do you have suggestions for other internet videos to add to this list? Feel free to post your nominations in the Comments section!


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