Wednesday, August 1, 2012

'Target'ing the Customer

I read an interesting article today that made me stop and think. How often do you get targeted coupons in your mail – online or off? I bet it is a lot. Well, what would you think if your daughter started getting coupons for baby products from Target and you did not know she was pregnant? Like the father in this article, I would be angry. Terrifyingly enough, however, when he confronted his daughter he found out that she was, indeed, pregnant. But how did Target find out before her father did? Did she inform them? No. It is even creepier and more stalker-ish than that.

Target targeted her buying habits. Through tracking her buying habits and comparing it to a matrix they created by tracking millions of other shopper’s buying habits, Target has acquired the ability to track who is expecting a child before they ever start buying diapers. No sign up sheet or registration is required. Target just knows and wants to attract those that are about to make the major purchases that come along with a new baby.

What do the new moms to be think of this targeted marketing strategy? Well, they think it is more than a little off putting. After many failed attempts and angry customers, Target has started to throw in a more eclectic mix so that the mom’s do not feel singled out. It apparently works.

Frankly, I find such tracking and projection disturbing. I mean, I am all for getting coupons based on what I buy. That is fine. That is why I use my discount card. But getting coupons based on what I might buy in the future, especially something so private, is just wrong.

Do you think Target is getting a little too targeted? Do you feel those red circles on your back? Read the original article here:

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