Friday, November 12, 2010

Many Too Small Boxes And Maru: The Cat That Must Sit In Any Box No Matter The Size

Have you seen the video of Maru the Cat yet? If not, you have got to watch the video below. It is incredibly weird and yet incredibly funny at the same time. Apparently this cat has a compulsion to sit in any box that it finds. It does not matter how big or small that box is. The following video details an experiment that was performed to see just how far Maru would go to sit in a box.....

If you know of any other weird videos like this, please leave a link to them in the comments field below.

Also, if you have not tried out Kinect for XBox 360 yet, you really should.  It takes motion-sensor video gaming to a whole new level.  In fact, for Kinect games there is no controller required.  How cool is that?

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