Sunday, September 13, 2009

Japan's New First Lady: I Traveled To The Planet Venus Inside A UFO

Japan's new first lady actually claims that she was abducted by aliens and traveled to the planet Venus inside a UFO.

According to a new study, 90 percent of paper money in the United States is laced with cocaine.

A team of robbers in Tampa Bay really seem to have a flair for costuming. During one robbery, one of them was wearing a child safety seat on his head. During another robbery, they donned hospital scrubs, and in yet another they wore beautician's hair-washing sinks on their heads.

One condo owner in the Denver area spent $30,000 fixing it up, and now, six months later, he has learned that the condo does not belong to him.

The owners of one dog from suburban St. Louis took her to the vet only to discover 15 baby pacifiers lodged in the dog's stomach.

One set of parents is suing Dunkin' Donuts and is claiming that their toddler burned his neck on a "dangerously hot" hash brown patty served at a drive-through.

Police in Lancaster, Pennsylvania are installing 165 surveillance cameras in a city in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country.

One bride just could not stop laughing during her wedding vows. Unfortunately for her, it was put up on YouTube.

One blonde in the Seattle, Washington area says that she has regularly gotten out of speeding tickets by painting "ATTN: Police Please Do Not Pull Me Over Just Because I'm Pretty" on her rear windshield.

*Warning* The next video is incredibly funny, but it is also very gross. A polar bear recently left a huge, brown underwater surprise for visitors to the Pittsburgh zoo. But if you are about to eat a meal you may not want to watch it.

It is a shame when even retailers attempt to take advantage of the limited intellectual capabilities of blondes.

Do you think that you are good at your job? Well, perhaps you should compare yourself to this guy.

One lady has trained her dog not to accept treats from Barack Obama.

Approximately 600 people in a major city in China say that they were attacked and stabbed with needles over the last two weeks.

A very industrious teenager from Nepal has developed an extremely inexpensive solar panel made out of human hair.

Lastly, a Sudanese judge fined a woman journalist $200 recently for violating the public indecency law. What was her crime? She wore pants outdoors.


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