Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weird News Update - "Pain Ray" Guns Are Not Just Science Fiction Anymore

*The Pentagon is actually considering purchasing mobile "pain ray" guns that could be used to control unruly American citizens. We hope none of those are ever pointed towards us.

*Do you think "the invisible man" is just science fiction? Think again. The science of invisibility has apparently taken a "giant leap forward".

*Renegade American computer game designer Richard Garriott is back from the international space station. Garriott carryied the digitized DNA sequences of some of the world's most famous minds to the station, and he participated in unspecified "experiments".

*A surprising new study reveals that teenagers are less intelligent than a generation ago. Perhaps they need to hit the books a little bit more.

*Lastly, British scientists have created a gigantic purple genetically modified "super tomato" that can "fight cancer". What's next? A pink grapefruit that cures diabetes?


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