Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weird News Update - Alaska's Glaciers Are Growing?

Global Cooling?

*The Alaskan glaciers are GROWING for the first time in 250 years - what in the world happened to global warming?

Weird Obama Stuff

*A nutjob "prophet" predicted that spaceships would appear over Las Vegas on Halloween as a sign that we all must vote for Barack Obama. I guess that didn't work out for him, but at least his guy got elected.

*Meanwhile, a college associate editor is openly proclaiming that "Obama is my Jesus".

1984 Is Here?

*The U.K. government has unveiled their "Big Brother" plan: Now they want to snoop on every single phone call, email and text message. That is a whole lotta snooping!

New UFO Footage

*Some new video footage is being called the most significant and most undeniable UFO footage of all time.

Addicted To Beer

*Lastly, check out this article which graphically illustrates the extreme addiction that Americans have to beer.


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